Today (4), the Bilene district hosted the V Annual Meeting of Branch Directors of the Banco de Moçambique led by Governor Rogério Zandamela.

In his opening address, the Director of the Xai-Xai Branch and event host, Domingos Fumo, gave everyone a warm welcome and wished them a great stay, highlighting the wonders of the crystal-clear waters of Bilene beach.

Later on, the Board Member for Banking Operations, Issuance, and Payment Systems Oversight, Maria Esperança Majimeja, who stressed the importance of the meeting for the alignment and exchange of knowledge between participants.  Majimeja called for the active participation of all directors in attendance at the forum and encouraged open and sincere inputs.

In turn, Governor Rogério Zandamela addressed the recommendations from the previous meeting dated July 2023 in Nampula city on information and communication technologies, security and cash management.  The Governor highlighted the importance of the implementation of the Real-Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS) and other systems, as well as the promotion and approval of regulations associated with the creation of the Single Bank Identification Number for customers of commercial banks, mobile money institutions and fintechs, and spoke on the implementation of the Bank's new integrated computer system.

“This year, we expect to complete the implementation of the Bank's new integrated computer system (Quantum Central Banking Solution), where all the operations of markets and reserves management and treasury and foreign exchange, procurement, property, plant, and equipment and human resources, as well as transactions with Government institutions, financial institutions and the Mozambique Stock Exchange” - the Governor said.  

Rogério Zandamela added that, for this meeting, were elected discussion topics associated with employee careers, heritage conservation and exchange of experiences between branches, aimed at improving the performance thereof.

The Branch Directors' Meeting is an annual meeting that began in 2018 in Pemba city, in order to assess the ongoing concerns related to these bodies. It also serves as a forum for the exchange of experiences between branches, with a view to improving the performance of the institution.