Financial Products and Services

Deposit Account

The registration of a customer at a banking institution or mobile money network, enabling them to deposit money and use other products and services provided thereby.

Bank Deposit

A contract by which a banking institution receives funds from a customer, along with the right to use them for their undertakings and the responsibility of returning the deposited amount, as provided by the contract concluded, and in some cases, pay a remuneration.

The receipt of deposits in cash and other amounts (such as cheques) is an exclusive operation of credit institutions and financial companies registered with the Banco de Moçambique.

Cadernos do Banco de Moçambique 5 (Books) - Bank Accounts


The operation through which the bank and other credit institutions authorized by the Banco de Moçambique make funds available to their customers, against the promise that they will repay, at an agreed future date, the amount granted plus the interest concerned.

General credit scheme

Housing credit

Credit granted to purchase, rehabilitate or expand real estate for residence.

Consumer credit

Specific type of credit, where a bank or credit institution provides a private individual with the necessary amounts to purchase consumer goods such as household appliances, various furniture and other durable goods. In addition to consumer credit, credit institutions grant several other types of credit, such as investment credit, which is for any customer who requires a certain amount to invest, whether in commerce, agribusiness, in service provision, etc.


Cadernos do Banco de Moçambique (Books) 9 - Bank Accounts

Duties and Obligations - Granting Bank Credit 

Duties of credit institutions (+)

  • Duty of prior information on contractual terms and conditions;
  • Duty to provide responsible credit;
  • Duty to inform about contractual changes, including fees, commissions and other charges;
  • Duty to inform about the risks of the product and consequences of non-compliance with responsibilities.

Customer Service and Complaints Handling

Financial consumers shall lodge complaints against credit institutions, financial companies and other institutions supervised by the Banco de Moçambique, if it is found that one of the following requirements is met:

  • If they disagree with the treatment of their complaints by complainees and must, to that end, attach, as applicable, a copy of the complaint lodged and of the decision taken by complainees;
  • If the complainees do not address their complaints within the legal deadlines established.