Business Units


Governor's Office Paula Libombo
Communications Office Umaia Mahomed
Legal Services Office Mussa Mussa
Risk Management Office Assunção Lobo
Payment Systems Supervision Office Luís Manjama
Financial Inclusion Office Arlindo Lombe


Markets and Reserves Management Department Pinho Ribeiro
Economic Research Department Carlos Baptista
Organization and Planning Department Emílio Rungo
Procurement and Property Management Department Augusto Cossa
Accounting and Budget Department Lígia Sitoe
Bank Services and Payment Systems Department Carlos Melo
Issue and Treasury Department Edmundo Juvane
Human Resources Management Department Luisa Navele
Macroprudential Analysis Department Luís Poio
Regulation and Licensing Department Emília Mabunda
Foreign Exchange Licensing and Control Department Paulo Mandlate
Information Systems and Technology Department Pedro Manjate
International Relations and Protocol Department Álvaro Loveira
Statistics and Reporting Department Domingos Fumo
Banking Prudential Supervision Department Dércio Mutimucuio
Protection and Security Department Graça Chongo
Internal Audit Department Pinto Fulane
Banking Conduct Supervision Department Elda Monteiro


Matola Branch Hélder Armando
Inhambane Branch Zacarias Maculuve
Xai-Xai Branch Júlio Monjane
Beira Branch Miriam Germano
Chimoio Branch Aurora Bila
Nampula Branch Juvêncio Nhaúle Júnior
Lichinga Branch Vasco Mepula
Pemba Branch Isabel Samo Gudo
Tete Branch Bento Baloi
Quelimane Branch Fernando Magueza


Information and Documentation Center Carla Chaúque